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Future Former Fatties Unite

About Us

Come join all of us who struggle to reach our weight loss goals. Make Future Former Fatty the place you come home to, communing with others who strive to live a healthier lifestyle. Together we unite to support one another, encourage each other, and know we have a place to share our struggles and our successes.

Every day, sometimes moment to moment, can seem more than we can handle in sticking to our diets. Are we failures? NO!

Losing weight is hard. It is a battle most of us a deal with, sometimes daily, sometimes not at all. We do the best we can as we can do.

When it comes to food and losing weight, do you feel out of control? Are you a compulsive overeater? Do you over eat for emotional reasons, stress, boredom, or simply out of habit? Are you in denial about your negative eating patterns?

About Us

My hope is that all of us who overeat can help one another overcome our addiction to food by coming together, united in support of one another, sharing tips each of use to get through those moments when we need help to Beat the Cheat.

You have come to the site that will be your sanctuary. Feel free to e-mail me when you need words of encouragement, a place to open up and release, and some good old-fashioned support. I need you too. In helping one another, we help ourselves. This connection between us will sustain us, keep a strong in our battle against obesity, without judgment, only encouragement. I believe in us!

What makes this site different than any other? I am in the struggle along with you. I come to you with complete honesty about my addiction to food, and I share openly my good days and my days where I need your help and support.

I wrote “As Is Confessions Of A True Fatty” because I felt it was time to come clean about my obsession with food. I am a true fatty, maybe the ultimate true fatty. Sharing my life with the world, and how food played into my coping with life freed me from lying to you and me about my addictive food behavior. I know I am not alone with this problem. You are not alone either.

About Us

Read my blogs: Diary of a Future Former Fatty. Follow along with me daily as to where I am at with my weight loss. I am accountable to you and myself. I know you will be there for me as I for you on days that are a struggle.

We are beautiful fabulous intelligent hard working people. Our weight does not define us. The incredible people we are and what we do defines us. No more negativity or putting ourselves down. We can accomplish all our goals. With your help, this site will constantly evolve to meet our needs, supporting one another, and encouraging each other to be the best and healthiest we can be.