future former fatties

About Linda Misleh Wagner

Is food, particularly rich or sweet food, your go-to antidote to stress?  Do you wish you were pounds and pounds lighter and inches and inches smaller?  Do you often wake up thinking about what you will eat – and what you won’t eat – on any given day?  Do you have a love-hate relationship with food and  a simply hate relationship with your scale?  If you answered yes to two or more of the above, we are kindred spirits, and maybe, just maybe, this time we will beat the cheat and win our battle with food together.

I am Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty. My life as a former fatty wannabe began at a very young age. I guess everyone has a cross to bear. I have carried the burden of my excess most of my life.

That I grew up mostly in California might make you think I would automatically have that perfect California-girl sun-kissed bikini body. I don’t. The only time I came close was between the ages of fourteen and nineteen. I decided to take my big fat fanny to Weight Watchers and lose weight. Almost sixty pounds lighter, I finally knew what it felt like to be an average weight, even though I was at the higher end of average.

At nineteen I got married, had four children, and blossomed up to a whopping four hundred and eleven pounds. I lived in Virginia at the time. My husband never said he hated my fat body. Let’s just say he never made me feel like he was into me – even before the kids and the weight.  Hmmm…maybe that had something to do with it. But I digress.

California here I come. I came back home with three of my kids to the loving and supportive welcoming arms of my parents. My parents, God bless them, put up with my kids and me for eight years before I realized I was ready and capable of moving out on my own.

My very first apartment, a small bank account, three kids, and up to four hundred and thirty pounds was the beginning of making my own life. It was hard and wonderful at the same time. Every time I paid off a surf board or a saxophone for my kids I felt I had accomplished something amazing.

So what drove me to write a tell-all book about my addiction to food, my sneak eating, and binge eating you wonder.

I had gone through bariatric surgery and lost the majority of my excess weight, kept it off for several years, and then gained a huge portion of that back. My knees were feeling the impact of so much weight, as was my back.  I was recognizing all the things I could NOT do because of my weight.  So I decided it was time to come out of the cookie cabinet, time to face my food addiction and myself, and start fighting for my health. I think if I am really honest with the world and acknowledge what the heck I am doing to my body, then perhaps I will be more able to stick to a plan and lose weight for good. I want to be a success story, and I want you to be a success story along with me.

Losing weight when you have a food addiction is hard. It is harder still when over-eating is emotionally driven.  I deal with both of these problems, and if you are more than twenty pounds overweight, you might be dealing with them, too.

Come along this journey with me. Let’s work toward a healthier lifestyle devoid of food addiction. Let’s make food our nourishment, not the reason for our demise.

You and I are going to be obesity survivors, beacons of success, leading the way for others who struggle with weight issues, food addiction, and binge eating.  Together, we are Future Former Fatties.