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Jan 05, 2015 at 09:50 AM

People Pleasers Are Fatties

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

I have always believed that if our attitude is what makes the difference as to how our day will turn out. I feel strongly when we give love, or when we have a positive outlook, we will be rewarded with more love, and people around us in return will be more positive. Give a little, and receive a lot is my philosophy.<

But can we use a positive attitude to reach our goals, be it weight loss, quit smoking, or whatever goal, maybe even attaining a job, or finding a mate, we set before us? The answer is we sure can!

I read a great article by Melissa Walker called “The Surprising Science Of Self-Affirmations” in which she discusses studies that have shown when people use positive affirmations when facing challenging times in their life, they can reach their goals and bring stress levels down dramatically. I strongly recommend you read the article.

So how can we use self-talk to reach our goals at losing weight, hence shed the pounds around the hips (hip-talk) and everywhere else? We need to begin by recognizing the challenges we are facing and find the positive within the challenge. Then formulate a positive phrase that helps us handle the moments we are confronted with the challenge.

An example we can relate to would be something like this; you are out to dinner with friends and you want to avoid dessert. You might take a moment ahead of time to think of a mantra that is meaningful to you that will help you get through dinner and not feel badly because you gave up on dessert. Ms. Walker used the example of, “While everyone orders dessert, I will order delicious peppermint tea”.

Another example is say you are under a great deal of stress. You might say to yourself, “I am very capable. I will handle this situation. I always do.”

What if you are having family problems? You might say to yourself, “I am happy with who I am, and I answer only to me”.

Let’s get back to hip-talk. How can we use self-talk to do we do better at facing the challenges of losing weight? Tell yourself, “I can get through this moment. I am able to accomplish anything I set my mind to doing. I am worthy of good health. I am able to get to my goals. I can do this. I am so worth it”.

Keep the negative out of self-talk. Don’t say things such as, “I don’t need that piece of chocolate cake. It will be there tomorrow.” At first, it sounds like a good self-talk phrase, but in my mind, when we say these types of things, we are implying importance to a piece of chocolate cake. We know chocolate cake will always be available to us, but our goal is to not focus on food or the denial of foods while we diet. The goal is to change our mindset about ourselves so whether or not chocolate cake exists, we care more about taking care of our health. Instead when we see something tempting that will serve our make our hips wider and our weight higher, we self-talk and say, “I feel so good about taking care of my health. I am so worth it.” Leave the food on the counter, so to speak, and don’t even mention it. Just focus on high praise of yourself and your abilities to care for yourself.

Self-talk will make less hip-talk about the widening of your hips and more talk at how great your hips look. Tiny, slender, slim are the words we want to hear when anyone hip-talks about us. I know we can achieve our goals. 

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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