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Jan 05, 2015 at 09:52 AM

Diary Of A Future Former Fatty 11

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

Diary Of A Future Former Fatty 11

Don’t Let Time Run Out Before You Reach Your Weight Goal


Linda Misleh Wagner

Future Former Fatty

Can you believe it is 2015? Where does the time go by? Whenever I think about time, I always wonder if I have used my time the way I really want to use it or have I wasted precious time.

Everyday seems to melt into another day, another month, another year. I look back and evaluate how I spent my time. Did I accomplish everything I wanted to do this past year? Thankfully, for the most part, yes I did.

But I did not accomplish the most important thing I wanted to do? No, I did not. I failed to reach the most important goal in my life. I failed to lose weight and get healthy.

It is not that I didn’t try to lose weight, but if I am to be honest, I didn’t try too hard. Just because I wake up thinking about losing weight, and just because I read every diet book, magazine article, and internet news regarding losing weight, and just because I go to sleep thinking that tomorrow I will do better about sticking to my diet does not mean I put a great deal of effort in losing weight.

Time. Time goes by so fast. We always think we have lots of time to do the things we want to do. There is always tomorrow. But, what if there wasn’t a tomorrow? What if our time ran out? Would we be satisfied with the way we spent our time? Would we be happy with the way we spent the last few hours of time we had left?

I guess if we ran out of time then we wouldn’t worry too much about how we spent our time. Only…maybe those we love and care about would be upset with us for not spending our time doing better for ourselves. Maybe they would feel cheated because we didn’t care enough to lose weight, exercise, and work at living a healthy lifestyle therefore, we short-changed them of our time they still wanted to spend with us.

Isn’t it more important that we care more about being around to spend time with those we love because we care enough about our health and the way we live our life? In other words, we put our well-being as a priority. We put our needs first.

In putting our needs first and taking care to eat right, exercise, and live each moment, we will be spending our time and we will have the time to enjoy life the way we want. The time we spend with loved ones and those we care about will only enrich the time we have created for ourselves by living healthy. And think about the example we set for those around us who value our time together.

Time is precious, and time goes by quickly. Are we going to allow another day, another month, another year go by without working toward and achieving the most important use of our time, losing weight and getting healthy?

Time is going to go by whether we like it or not. I just don’t want to be that person that regrets how I spent my time. I want to look upon each day feeling I have lived the life I want to live, and if my weight is an obstacle to me living that life, then I need to take the time, put in the effort, and lose weight.

Lastly, as quickly as time goes by, I have to add, we must be patient with ourselves. We need to remember that reaching goals in a timely manner means we have to be persistent, patient, and persevere. We will catch up to time when we reach our goals and we are more able to concentrate on spending our time more productively without the burden of our weight hanging in the balance and holding us back.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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