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Mar 27, 2015 at 10:28 AM

Leonard Nimoy’s Legacy Sparks Controversy

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

Yesterday, Leonard Nimoy, most notably famous as Mr. Spock on “Star Trek”, passed away. Mr. Nimoy left an incredible legacy that has sparked much controversy. And no, it has nothing to do with his acting career.

Mr. Nimoy was a photographer. His work has been celebrated in galleries and in art books. One of his projects, known as the Full Body Project, has lit a blaze of discussion behind the meaning and interpretation of his work.

The Full Body Project depicts photographs of nude obese women. He was drawn to doing this project because he noticed that societal perception of obese women was judgmental simply because they were fat. He wanted to depict women as beautiful no matter their size.

The brave women who allowed them self to be photographed nude did not worry about sagging breasts, huge bellies falling below their pubic area, huge jiggly thighs, and upper arms that looked like ham hocks. Mr. Nimoy only asked them to be proud of whom they are as women. Check out any of the websites displaying photographs of the women. Confidence and body proud clearly emanates from the women.

Those who are part of the fat acceptance movement applaud the artful photographs. Others argue the pictures are a form of bullying by the obese to force the non-obese to accept them. These viewpoints are why there is controversy. Most of the responses to “The Body Project” come from people who suffer and struggle from being overweight.

Many of the responders take personal offense at one another, but are absolutely not offended by the photographs. The disagreements over the nude pictures of obese women evoked strong emotions triggering written responses expressing those feelings. A back and forth cyber debate took place starting with a viewpoint reaction to a post claiming the first responder was not taking responsibility for their weight, that the accusations made were based on the fat acceptance movement that has sprung up in recent years worldwide

Some people felt the pictures were simply beautiful depictions of large women, and the pictures made sent a universal statement that no matter the size, large or petite, women are all beautiful. Others seem to take the comments made as a personal attack. The one common denominator was that every person who viewed the pictures felt deep tugging emotions from within.

Reading the comments and viewing the pictures, I found the reaction of everyone to say one thing unanimously. Most of us struggle with our own self-acceptance because of our size. Some of us put on a brave face, while others have an “I don’t care what others think” attitude, while others may cry themselves to sleep every night. They may not shed a tear outwardly, but their soul feels the pain they have inflicted on them self due to out of control binge eating and knowing they feel unable to control their food intake and their weight.

I say to all of you, if you cannot give yourself the gift of self-acceptance, no matter your size, then how do you expect others to accept you. Stop telling yourself you are ugly because of your size, and start telling yourself that you are beautiful no matter your size. Embrace the beauty within you. Take the power away from others, from food, and from the negative messages you have embedded in your mind and stop being so critical.

As women, we are the worst at when it comes to pointing out our flaws to people. Could it be because we don’t feel worthy? Are we conditioned from birth by our family to not appreciate the special qualities that we provide?

Mo matter the reasons, we need to stop judging ourselves, and others by the way we look. The media, television, movies, and magazines need to start recognizing that women of all sizes bring something magnificent to the table. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the mindset of the world change to never judge anyone by their size, and to accept each person for what they do and who they are? Let’s work on it.

Mr. Nimoy, we thank you for raising our consciousness, for inspiring dialogue, and for all you contributed to our world. You shall me remembered and missed.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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