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Mar 27, 2015 at 10:31 AM

Are You A Professional Dieter?

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

Are you a professional dieter? I was thinking about how much of my life I have spent dieting or not dieting or thinking about dieting or throwing in the towel when it comes to dieting. Seriously, a great deal of my life has been focused on dieting.

There have been so many times I have thought that I could create a business as a professional dieter. I need to lose weight. People are always coming up with diets. I could test their diets for a week, two weeks, even months; jot down what I did right and when I failed to stick to my diet, my moods, the differences from day to day, and successes and failures.

The only thing that would keep me from being considered a professional dieter today is the fact that I don’t get paid to diet. Well, once in a rare while I do get paid to diet. I will explain later.

Think how much money a person could make as a professional dieter. Possibly, as a professional dieter, a person may succeed at the diet so well they could lose enough weight putting them self out of a job. Does that mean we should never quite get thin enough so we keep our job as a professional dieter?

I would love to be a professional dieter until I can no longer make a profession out of dieting because I have reached my goal weight. Do you think I could then be paid to be a professional maintenance keeper? I keep the weight off by following maintenance programs, testing the plans to see what works at keeping weight off the longest. Doesn’t either job sound perfect for me? After all, I am a true fatty. Who knows more about being dieting than a true fatty?

I have been paid by a women’s magazine twice to try out their diets and see how they work. The Paleo diet I did for a week earned me a seven and a half pound loss. I actually liked the Paleo diet very much. Interestingly enough, even the professors of Paleo diets state that if we want to lose weight and body fat fast, then to limit carbs by sticking to a low carb Paleo style diet.

This got me thinking that if I stick to a low carb Paleo style diet, then I would be low carb dieting instead of Paleo dieting. Paleo diets are very closely identical to a low carb lifestyle. The differences are Paleo allows fruits, nut and seeds, but no dairy, including butter, at all. Low carb dieting allows butter and cheeses (that have little or no sugar content), but no fruits, and very little nuts, while trying to take weight off. Eventually, you add carbs back into your lifestyle once you determine what the carb intake limit is before you begin to regain weight.

Some people live a very low carb lifestyle daily. They find that living a low carb lifestyle not only keeps their weight down, but a low carb lifestyle seems to show positive affects in their lab work at the doctors too.

It’s amazing that I am fat given how much I know about dieting. I guess I might not qualify as a professional dieter. They would get paid to diet, and I don’t.

No, instead, I am just a woman on a mission to get healthier. I am a woman trying to kick food addiction and trade it in for healthy ways to manage my emotional need to eat. Whatever it is in my genetic makeup that drives me to use food as a coping mechanism, I am not sure. I am sure that the very fact that I am completely aware of my problem makes me completely responsible to take care of my problem.

Whether or not I could make a living as a professional dieter, or even make extra money and lose weight as well, does not matter at all. What I really strive to be is a healthy, stable weighted woman living a full and healthy life. My work ethic in my job is impeccable. I need to apply the same work ethic to my health.

None of us want to spend our lives as a professional dieter because it would mean we are fatties struggling to lose weight. All any of us want is a life without the stress of constant worry over our weight and dieting. I would love for all of us to get up every morning and know the choices we make in our daily eating will be easy because we would know what is needed to keep healthy. I want, for all of us, that our healthy food choices would become second nature.

We can accomplish these goals if we do the work it takes to change our habits and our mindset. This is why I love Aaron Snyder’s program. It might take time to make these changes, and that is okay. Time is going to go by regardless. Why not make the most of each minute of our day by making good food choices when we eat?

On second thought, I hope I never achieve professional dieter status. I hope I achieve health, physically and emotionally. I hope I get to the point, and hopefully sooner than later, where I stop worrying about everything I eat because I know I will choose wisely. And I hope I learn to find positive ways to cope with daily stresses that do not involve food. Heck, who knows, I might turn to exercise to deal with stress!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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