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Mar 27, 2015 at 10:34 AM

If You Believe It, You Will Receive It

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty

“If you believe it, you will receive it” is a statement my friend and co-worker, Angela, says all the time. I love this statement. I mean love it because it is so true. We are so capable of reaching any goal we set our minds to if we believe we can do so.

The questions then becomes do we really believe it, whatever “it” may mean to each of us? Do we talk the talk and not walk the walk? How does believing in “it” mean we will receive it? Is believing in “it” really mean we will achieve it?

First we have to define what “it” means to us. In my case, “it” means a healthy fit thinner body. So, if I believe I will have a healthy body, does this mean I will receive a healthy body? I want a healthy body! I want a healthy body! I want a healthy body! Poof! Hey? Where’s my healthy body?

My healthy body is waiting for me to do the work necessary to attain a healthy body. It takes more then believing I will receive a healthy body by wishing it so and saying it out loud. It takes walking the walk, not just talking the talk. This is very important with every step I take toward my journey needed to reach my goal.

So, how does believing in “it” mean we will receive it? The how comes from what we do everyday toward our goals. If we choose our food wisely, and we exercise, and if we learn to set boundaries, meditate and reflect on what is important to us, then this is how believing in “it” will help us receive “it.”

The last question I posed was ‘is believing in “it” mean we will receive it”. This question is very important. It is important because what we are really asking ourselves if we are deserving of “it”. Do you and I believe deep down within us that we deserve to receive “it”? We have to if we want to receive and reach our goals.

If you don’t believe yourself to be deserving, then you will sabotage yourself from receiving the “it” you so desperately say you want. If you don’t believe in yourself, would you expect anyone else to believe in you? And even if others believe in you even if you don’t, the truth is whether or not they believe in you doesn’t matter. The only one that counts when it comes to believing you are capable and deserving of the “it” you want is you. No one else can make you believe you are who and what you are except you.

They look in the mirror every night and can only see themselves and no one else. They do not think about you or worry about whether or not you will receive what you believe you want, desire, and deserve. They are far too busy addressing their own belief systems and trying to reach their own “it.”

The only difference between one who achieves the “it” they seek and one who does not is the one who achieves “it” did the work necessary to make “it” happen. They believed they could do the work it takes, and that they deserved to reach their goal. That’s all.

Yeah, sometimes we will have moments we may question if we got what it takes to keep working toward our “it”. We do. Remember when I talked about the power of positive thinking and self-talk? These are some of the tools at our disposal to create the “it” we strive for in our lives.

So! Go For It! Believe it and receive it! We deserve it!

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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