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Jun 07, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Bigger is Not always Better

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty
Bigger is Not always Better

Have you ever noticed that when people speak of someone who has achieved success in their life, they are often referred to as a big man. “He’s a big man on campus” or, “Big man with big plans” or “Big shot”, all with the obvious meaning of the word “Big” to mean important, successful, an achiever, or one to accomplish great things.

Yet, when someone is referred to as big boned, or has big meaty hands, or of having a big butt; these terms are meant as a negative connotation towards that person. “He’s a big fat liar!” “She’s big for her age”. The word “big” is meant in a manner that is mean and insulting and definitely not a word we want attached to us.

So is big always better? Is a big ice cream sundae something good or something to be avoided? Does the word big depend on whether or not we are considered big or small sized?

If I set a table with a big array of breakfast foods, would I be judged or praised? Would people say behind my back, “No wonder she’s so big. Look at the size of this spread! It’s so big!” Or would they praise me and say, “Thank you for going to all this trouble. You must’ve spent days preparing this big spread, and just for us”.

Does our size determine how the word big will be used to define us as people? She has a big personality. She’s big on supporting her community, or she’s got a big mouth.

We tell children not to cry because they are “big now and only babies cry”. The word big can be used to describe many things, in many ways. Some ways are positive, and some are negative.

But in reference to us as people, do we want to be described as big anything? Instead of big man on campus, why not “ he’s well known or popular”.

Big is an adjective used to define nouns, persons, places, or things. To be described as big in any way is not always better.

Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner.

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