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Apr 26, 2016 at 01:46 AM

Fat Bertha on a Mission

By Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty
Fat Bertha On A Mission
Linda Misleh Wagner
Future Former Fatty
The other morning I awoke at three a.m. to go to work. I wanted to get to work early so I could get a few extra things done. I wasn’t hungry when I woke up, but by the time I was near my office, I had been up and going for almost two hours. Now I was not only hungry; I was ravenous.
I’d been doing okay on my food plan. Not great but not awful, and, not binging. Since I wanted to try to stick to my eating plan of meat, vegetables, and fruits,  I decided the Caesar Pepita salad with steak and extra dressing, hold the tortilla strips, wouldn’t be too bad. I could eat the salad for breakfast and lunch. It’s a good size salad.
My favorite place to pick up my salad is a Mexican restaurant across the street from my office. They are open 24 hours a day. Usually at 5 a.m., Vallartas will have a bit of a wait. This morning I pulled straight into the drive-thru. When I got to the speaker to place my order, a voice came through saying, “We have no food”.
I said, “What?”
“We have no food,” the voice repeated.
Did I hear correctly? A twenty-four hour open Mexican restaurant has no food? Now what? My stomach was actually grumbling. Usually I never get to the point where my stomach grumbles... ever. Today it was not just grumbling, it was roaring!
What’s a starving future former fatty to do? There was another twenty-four hour Mexican restaurant across the street, but they don’t sell the salad I was hankering for, and the restaurant was filled with lots of workmen getting their breakfast burrito. It made me uncomfortable. I had the same kind of feeling you get as a lady walking into a men’s cigar lounge. It’s that “all eyes on you” feeling.
Then I remembered there was another Mexican drive-thru a mile away. They are open twenty-four hours, or they used be, that is. Disapointed, I turned around and went back to my office.
By this time, I figured God was trying to tell me something. I went to work. Hungry. Well, actually, not so much anymore. Too much effort spent just for a salad. Please.
Fat Bertha was at her worst, which made me realize I am still a work in process. I went to work, and I went to workout afterwards. On my way back to work, I did stop and get my salad. Funny. As bad as I was craving this particular salad this morning, I just wasn’t feeling it so much by lunchtime.
This tells me the cravings we get at times and so desperately feel we must fulfill, will pass given a bit of time. We don’t have to give in to every craving we experience.
Fat Bertha sometimes wants to take over. It’s up to me to keep her in check and not allow Fat Bertha to overtake me with her domineering presence.
Until we meet again, this is Linda Misleh Wagner, Future Former Fatty.

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