future former fatties

"My name is Fabulous no matter the number on the scale."

"I crave for a healthy, active, sexy life, not sugar."

"With each step I take toward my health is a step in the right direction."

"Success comes from fighting our fear of failure every day."

"The life I live is the life I choose."

"I am my own role model."

"Six sizes in my closet is five sizes too many."

"Like beautiful shoes, beautiful people come in many sizes."

"My soul is skinny; the rest of me is just bubble wrap protecting my soul."

"I love my shadow because it makes me look thin."

"Ask God, and He will tell you Satan serves up junk food."

"I’m not fat. I am just easy to see."

"There might be more of me to love, but it’s not my body that loves you back. It’s my heart."

"If I was worth my weight in gold, I’d be rich. Because I am worth my weight in the way I love, I am rich."

"Your accountability should only matter to you."

"When you look in the mirror, look yourself in the eye."

"To love myself first is to teach others to do the same."

"Loving myself, caring for myself, putting me first is not selfish."